Mr Singh

CCNA Routing and Switching

I have just completed my Cisco CCENT/CCNA course with I-Medita. I want to recommend this to anybody who wants to learn networking, they can come and learn networking. I want to share my experience of learning with I-Medita, first of all, the staff here is very very supportive of the security guard to right up to the Managing Director. You can ask any question that bothers you and you will get good logical answer and teaching here is excellent 100 out of 100. Here is I-Medita you could be taught in Hindi, English or Marathi any language that you speak you will that trainer with that particular language. They don’t only teach you to provide you textbooks which I am very very happy to have and you will a have great experience here because it is kind of one to one and they have labs here that you can practice on after teaching, the actual thing that you are taught like for instance you can configure switches, routers and so on. You can ask your teacher anything, they never ever fed up to tell you anything over and over again. My teacher was Mr Deep, asked him many questions over and over again and every time he used to answer those questions with the smile and very very happy. I want to thank the staff for showing courtesy and their support. The price for their teaching is very very reasonable. I came all the way to the United States just for the study here because the guy there recommend me to study here because the way they teach you can never go wrong. You must understand, I don’t know anything about networking here I came and learn networking Switching and Routing and I am ready to take the exam. Thank you

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