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Multi Track | Infosys

I joined I-Medita, actually, they provide various types of course but I choose Multi-track because have two years of experience in Networking. After completing the Multi-Track, I got placed in Infosys. The best thing about the training was all the trainers here are CCIE certified also they give future guidelines that what is better for to go with according to your experience, like for me they said you have two years of experience, you should have good knowledge of security and all that got covered in Multi- Track. This is the best institute in Pune as they have very good labs which are accessible 24*7. In networking there are various fields like Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Security, Service Provider etc. so, students can take all these training in the same place, they have all trainers under one roof. You should once come to this institute and visit this institute and if you are interested in networking domain then you should visit I-Medita, which will definitely help you in future. They not only a trainer they have experts like industrial experts who have experience in like Security domain, voice domain, security domain, so it is recommended to visit the Institute of I-Medita.

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