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    10 Days

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    6 Hours a Day

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    USD 600

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CCNA Security Training Overview

Before we discuss and learn more about I-Medita CCNA Security Training Course in Pune, let us understand the significance of network security in our daily lives.

In today’s digital world we literally carry out most of our activities online using Computers, Tablets, Smartphone & Internet. Hence it is imperative to secure every aspect, right from the devices to online information and personal data. Network Security professionals help secure our devices, implement robust & secure networks, protect our valuable, critical data for safe online transactions & communications.

What is CCNA Security?

CCNA Security stands for CISCO Certified Network Associate Security. To learn how to secure data and devices with Cisco security hardware & software enroll for the CCNA Security Training Course in Pune.

I-Medita CCNA Security Training Course in Pune

I-Medita provides the best CCNA Security Training Course in Pune. We conduct class room trainings along with rigorous Lab Training sessions. In Lab sessions you get ample hands-on experience with latest Cisco Security products to implement a robust and secure Network. Our CCNA Security Training course is designed as per Cisco Blueprint for Cisco’s renowned CCNA Security Certification.

Who should take CCNA Security Training?

  • Students interested in a Career in Security must take CCNA Security Training.
  • Network Security Professionals must take this course to improve their competencies
  • Security Professionals who aspire to achieve Cisco CCNA Security Certification should take this course for systematic, methodical preparation & guidance

Pre-requisites for CCNA Security Training?

When your fundamentals of Routing & Switching are clear, it will be easier to understand and learn Security concepts & technologies. Hence, ideally, you should complete CCNA Routing & Switching course before you enroll for the CCNA Security Training Course.

Job profiles available after completion of CCNA Security Training?

After CCNA SECURITY Training you are qualified to apply for Job Positions like-

  • Security Technician
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Security Support Engineer
  • SOC Engineer

What is the average salary after CCNA Security Training?

Security professionals are invaluable for an organization and usually have higher salaries as compared to other Networking professionals.

Freshers in Network Security domain receive salary in the range of INR 20K to 40K per month in India

What is the career path for students having completed CCNA Security Training?

Security of networks and systems is an eternal requirement, to keep critical data safe and share it securely across devices, over the internet. Hence, there is a great demand for Security professionals. 

The logical step forward for a CCNA Security Professional is to go forward with CCNP Security Certification Training and CCIE Security Certification Training.  Thus, you hold an expert level knowledge in the Security Domain and improve your career prospects significantly.

I-Medita Free Demo Session

I-Medita organizes a Free Demo Session with our Cisco CCIE Certified Trainers & Experts to get a firsthand experience of how our trainings are conducted. The other important purpose of this session is to acquaint you with career prospects, growth opportunities in Networking. The session helps you, to make a decision, whether you will like to pursue a career in this field or not.

Batch Details

I-Medita conducts many batches of CCNA Security Training course in Pune, per day. This ensures students & working professionals can attend batches at a time most convenient to their schedules. We are proud to have on board, Cisco CCIE Certified Networking Trainers, who command respect and are admired in the Security Industry. We restrict our batches to a max of 20 students, to provide individual attention to students.

Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

10 Days

10 Days


6 Hours a Day

6 Hours a Day


USD 600

USD 600

Devices to be used during CCNA Security Training

I-Medita Training Labs are equipped with the latest Cisco security products. During the CCNA SECURITY Training Lab sessions, you will get rigorous training to work with, handle, manage following Cisco security devices. This gives you practical experience and makes you competent to set up, operate, manage and troubleshoot, basic enterprise Cisco security solutions

  • Router : Cisco 2611 XM, 1841, 1905, 2811
  • Switches:Cisco 2950, 2960, 3750, 3560
  • ASA Firewall:Cisco 5510, 5512
  • IPS:4255

What Will You Learn in this CCNA Security Training Course?

CCNA Security Training Course concentrates on the following subjects in Network Security. During the course, you will be taught:

Network Security concepts, Firewall Techniques, Packet Filtering, Stateful Firewall, , Transparent Firewall, Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS Firewall Features, NAT on Cisco ASA OS 9.x, NextGen Intrusion Prevention System ,Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE),Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Content & Endpoint Technology ,Routing Protocols Authentication, IPSec Introduction, Secure Socket Layer, VPN, Web Security & Email Security, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At I-Medita, we believe that, along with theory classes, having ample hands-on practical experience operating & implementing security products is equally important. Therefore we insist on Practical Trainings and Lab Sessions under guidance of our Expert trainers. Our ultra modern Training rooms are fitted with digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors. Our Labs are equipped with latest Cisco security products and open 24*7 for students to practice at their convenience.

What are the outcomes of CCNA Security Training Course?

You will have detailed knowledge of Network Security concepts, Firewall techniques and features, NextGen Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), 802.1x, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Email Security, Content & Endpoint Technology.

You will gain good experience to: –

  • Enable security and handle threats related to security of network infrastructures.
  • Implement Security topologies & Troubleshoot VPNs
  • Identify and Implement L2 Security
  • Configure & Deploy ASA Firewalls
  • Debug Network Threats and Issues
  • You will become competent to test, deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco network security solutions essential to establish network security structure.
  • You can appear for Cisco CCNA Security Certification examination
  • You can commence your career as a Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Network Associate with reputed companies.

What is the CCNA Security Training Course Curriculum?

I-Medita have designed their CCNA Security Training course curriculum as per Cisco Blue Print Guidelines CCNA Security Certification. This helps you prepare systematically for Cisco certification exam.

  • Network Security Introduction
  • Firewall Introduction
  • Common Security Threats
  • Cisco ASA Features
  • Cisco IOS Firewall Features
  • Nat On Cisco ASA OS 9.X
  • ASA Object Group Introduction
  • Routing Protocols Authentication
  • IPSEC Introduction
  • Implementing VPN Technologies
  • Secure Socket Layer VPN
  • Cisco ASA Firewall Advance Features
  • Modular Policy Frame Work
  • Layer 2 Security
  • IPS Introduction
  • Network’s Attacks
  • Content And Endpoint Security

For more in-depth course curriculum information – please check CCNA Security Training Curriculum Details

Training Labs

I-Medita Training Labs have latest Cisco security products mentioned above. During the CCNA Security Training Lab sessions we provide you ample practical exercises with Cisco Security products. This makes you confident in the following areas:

  • Lab: ASA Basic (IP addresses Configuration and verification, Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, Backup, Upgrade, Password Recovery)
  • Lab: ASA Static Default Routing
  • Lab: ASA-RIP
  • Lab: ASA-EIGRP
  • Lab: ASA-OSPF
  • Lab: IOS-ACL-AIO (Standard access-list, Extended access-list, Named access-list, Time Based access-list, Dynamic Access-list, Reflexive Access-list, TCP Established access-list)
  • Lab: ASA-NAT (Static NAT, Dynamic NAT, PAT, Static PAT, Twice NAT, Identity NAT)
  • Lab: IOS-NAT (Static NAT, Dynamic NAT, PAT, Static PAT)
  • Lab: IOS-ZBF (Two-Zone, Three-Zone)
  • Lab: ASA-Site-Site-VPN-AIO (Site-Site VPN with IKEv1, Site-Site VPN with IKEv2)
  • Lab: SSL-VPN-AIO (Clientless, Thin Client, Thick Client)
  • Lab: AAA (ACS 5.8 Installation, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
  • Lab: IOS-IPS
  • Lab: NFP (Control Plane polishing, Queuing Threshold, Port Filter, Management Interface, Telnet with Access-list, SSH with Access-list, HTTP with Access-list, HTTPS with Access-list, CPU Threshold, Flexible Packet Matching, Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding, NetFlow)
  • Lab: Operation of Layer 2 Security (CAM Table Over Flow Lab, VLAN Hopping Lab
  • Lab: MAC Spoofing Lab, Man-in-Middle-Attack Lab, Rogue DHCP Attack Labs, DHCP Starvation Attack Labs, Port Security Labs, DHCP Snooping, DHCP Attack Prevention via ACL, IP Source Binding Lab
  • Lab: Protected Port Lab, VLAN ACL , MAB , Dot1x , Dynamic VLAN , Proxy Attack Lab

Post Training Support &Placement

I-Medita are committed to providing you all the training & guidance required to make a good career in Networking. We offer our students 3 refresher courses, to ensure thorough understanding of the subject. (If necessary, without charging extra fees). We have a 24*7 helpline to resolve your queries via Chat, Whatsapp and Emails. Our expert Trainers will coach and guide you, not only during the training but also after the course completion for interviews, placements and career guidance.

We provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We help you prepare impressive resumes as per industry approved formats. We provide you a ready reference guide consisting of commonly asked Interview Questions to prepare thoroughly for job interviews and approach interviews confidently.

CCNA Security Certification – Exam Preparation

CCNA Security is an associate level certification in Cisco Network Security Track. CCNA Security proves associate-level knowledge and abilities required to secure and protect Cisco networks. To become CCNA Security Certified candidates are required to pass One Exam i.e 210-260 IINS – Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prerequisite for CCNA Security Certification

The prerequisite for CCNA Security exam is, that you should have a valid Cisco CCENT Certification, or CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, or any CCIE certification.

Scheduling CCNA Security Exam

You can take the exam at Cisco-approved Pearson Vue test centers. Please schedule your CCNA Security Certification exam via the Pearson Vue Website -

Format of Questions for the Examination

The CCNA Security Certification exam comprises of following types of questions

  • Multiple choice questions with only one possible answer
  • Multiple choice question with multiple answers possible
  • Drag and Drop questions
  • Complete the blanks in Sentences
  • Simulation based questions
Exam Duration, No. of Questions

During the Cisco Network Security (IINS) exam (210-260) you have to answer about 60 to 70 questions in 90-minutes. You are required to score more than 80 to 85 percent marks to achieve the certification.

CCNA Security Certification Exam Fees

CCNA Security Certification Exam fees - $300 + Local Taxes. You have to pay the fees in US Dollars, while scheduling the exam.

Validity of CCNA Security Certification?

CCNA Security Certification is valid for three years and you will have to renew the certification before it expires.

Process to Renew CCNA Security Certification

You have the following 3 options to renew CCNA Security Certification:

  • Pass the CCNA Security Certification once again
  • Pass a higher level of certification. For e.g. pass CCNP Security Certification. In this case, CCNA (Security) gets renewed automatically.
  • Pass another CCNP level exam such as CCNP (R&S), CCNP ColLaboration, CCNP Service Provider. In this case, also, your CCNA Security Certification gets renewed.

Our Trainers

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh Yadav

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Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh

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Sudhanshu Bhat

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Surendra Singh

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