CCIE Verification Tool >> How to Verify Your CCIE Number

CCIE Verification Tool - How to Verify Your CCIE Number

Introduction to CCIE certification

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is renowned in the IT industry as a prestigious validation of expertise in networking technologies. Obtaining a CCIE number signifies a high level of skill and knowledge in designing, implementing, and managing complex network infrastructures.

Importance of verifying your CCIE number

Verifying your CCIE number is essential for several reasons. It allows employers, clients, and colleagues to confirm your certification status, ensuring credibility and trust in your skills and expertise. Moreover, maintaining accurate records of CCIE holders helps uphold the integrity of the certification program and the networking industry as a whole.

Steps to verify your CCIE number – CCIE Verification Tool

Step 1: Open the CCIE verification tool by navigating to

Step 2: Log in using your Cisco ID. If you don’t have one, you can create it by following the instructions provided on the Cisco website.


Step 3: After logging in, you will need to enter the following details: First Name, Last Name, Certification Type, and CCIE Number.

ccie verification tool

ccie verification tool

Step 4: Once you’ve entered the required information, click on the submit button. The system will then retrieve and display the certification details as per Cisco records. You can verify the Name, Type, Number, Track, Status, and Certification Date associated with the CCIE number provided.

ccie verification status

Types of CCIE Certifications available:

There are several specialized tracks within the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification program, each catering to different areas of expertise in networking technologies. Here are the types of CCIE certifications available:

  1. CCIE Collaboration: This certification focuses on designing, implementing, and managing collaboration solutions, including voice, video, and unified communications technologies.
  2. CCIE Data Center: The CCIE Data Center certification validates expertise in planning, designing, implementing, and managing complex data center infrastructure and solutions.
  3. DevNet Expert: DevNet Expert certification is designed for professionals who specialize in software development, automation, and programmability in network infrastructures.
  4. CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert): CCDE certification recognizes experts in network infrastructure design, covering advanced design principles and methodologies.
  5. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure: This certification is tailored for professionals who specialize in enterprise networking solutions, including designing, deploying, and managing enterprise infrastructure.
  6. CCIE Enterprise Wireless: CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification focuses on wireless networking technologies, covering design, deployment, and optimization of wireless networks in enterprise environments.
  7. CCIE Security: CCIE Security certification validates expertise in securing network infrastructures, including implementing and managing advanced security solutions to protect against cyber threats.

  8. CCIE Service Provider: CCIE Service Provider certification is for professionals specializing in service provider networking technologies, including designing, implementing, and managing service provider infrastructure and services.

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