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Cisco CCIE Certifications expires in every two years and it is important for both holder and employer to track ccie status. This blog post will help you with ccie verification tools and how to verify you ccie number. Let us first start with ccie, its scope and then how to check the status.

WHAT IS CCIE (Cisco Certification Internetwork Expert)

Cisco Certification Internetwork Expert, the CCIE Certification is also known to be “Doctorate In Networking” accepted globally as the largest manufacturer of networking equipment. This certification is known to provide the highest brackets of remuneration and decent designations because of its major significance in the networking avenue of the IT domain. Being this certification accepted globally, with its headquarters at the United States, this certification is no wonder considered as prestigious certification under IT Domain. That being said, CISCO Certified Internetwork Experts is a technical certification known with a unique definition which says, “The CCIE certified have the skills required by the Network Engineer to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure on a wide variety of CISCO equipment”.

CCIE aspiring candidates are required to clear 2 hours written the examination and 8 hours rigorous lab examination, these examinations test the conceptual abilities, analytical thinking and fine skills to solve complex technical problems that are to implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex enterprise network infrastructures. Perhaps, CCIE Professionals are expected to administer the network infrastructure by their varied skills which upgrade their skills year in and year out, as the certification is to be upgraded in every 2 years, this makes the certified holders familiar with changing dynamism in the practical field, thereby handling these sophisticated technologies with an ease.

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CCIE certification is established in the year 1993 and thus has a broad umbrella under CISCO. This hereby means it has 6 major tracks that a candidate can opt for their own personal interests. The tracks are:


CCIE is potentially very expensive and difficult certification to be dealt with. Now, arises a common query as to why anyone shall opt for such courses which is potentially expensive than those courses that are slight tangible than CCIE, following are the reasons which describe the very essence to justify the reason to opt for this very certification:

  1. SALARY:

Salary/ remuneration is one of the leading motivation for numerous CCIEs which attracts them towards this certification. CCIE being the most difficult and highest paid certification clearly defines that it has global acceptance in this competitive market. Thus, in a nutshell the average salary for CCIE cert varies from $93,000- $ 111,000.


CCIE being the most prestigious certification accepted globally eventually broadens up one’s horizons, to fit into those exclusive groups, of every member being a big time networking professional.

For many professionals getting those 16 digit no. is a bliss which is pretty much tangible to display in their resumes for furnishing their talents and skills in this domain. That being said, CCIE professionals are always set apart from all the non-certs and hereby considered in a very high vein.


As repeatedly specified CCIEs global recognitions, candidates can always expect highest pay brackets and decent designations to purely forecast their skills, intelligence and diligence also, to lead, educate and train other employees about the change in dynamism.

Above, are just to mention a few major importance of being a CCIE certified professional. Below, is the scope of CCIE that briefly describes in numerical figures about its roots being spread in several avenues which makes a being a Technical Jargon.


CCIE is the highest level certification being recognised and accepted globally in the IT domain since last 15 years. CCIE Security Version 5 and CCIE Routing & Switching V5 certification tracks of CCIE have always been the most demanded certification which provides hostile career options for the IT jargons in India.


Cisco Systems INC. 595,976-18,64,469
HCL Technologies ltd. 350,000-16,20,000
Orange Business Services 13,00,000
Juniper Networks INC. 20,00,000
Microland 15,00,000
Network engineer 8,00,000 1,32,000
Sr. networking 18,50,000 2,72,000
Network Administrator 11,50,000 3,72,000
Network Security Engineer 22,00,000 3,32,000
Network Architect [ with 5 years & above experience] 40,00,000 13,00,000


The situation is that, being a recruiter of a much-esteemed company, wherein you are interviewing the networking jargon, you find everything positive about the interviewee but somewhere down the line, you are even rushed with the thoughts for interviewee that certification are not accurately supplemented with legitimate proofs, what can be done?

This leads to the usage of various verification tracking software or tools. Following is the description, of three probable ways for effective verification process:

Step Number 1: Visit You should have an account on Cisco Website. If you don’t have account you can create new account from the same page.


Step Number 2: To effectively utilize the verification tool of the CCIE/CCDE so to confirm the current status. The tool will require you to be updated with the following details of the candidate:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Certification type
  4. Certification Number


Below is the example for the verification status for the same:


If one is an employee or 3rd party one can ask the candidate to ‘Publish his or her Credentials’ provided in the Certification Tracking System or if he/she has accepted badges sent to him by CISCO through Acclaim, even that profile is perfectly doable so as to verify.

With regards, to candidate’s credentials the candidate has to login to his/her account at CISCO tracking system and under certification, section click on the left side of the page which says ‘Publish Credentials’ wherein they need to enter valid email address who intends to verify credentials.

Another possibility is that when a candidate mentions his/her CISCO ID in their respective CVs in such a case one can verify the 16 digit verification no. over this website, to verify its originality. Thus, to validate certification status, one needs to publish credentials from the certification tracking system.


CCIE certification is thus the most renowned and the most prestigious certification in the IT domain. It has its roots extended all over the world. Trying it in our best shot is always justified and worth for the track one is keen for. It not only keeps oneself updated about the certification but it built up with perfect validation tools so to judge its originality and to consider those professionals in high vein who actually deserve to be. CCIE is perhaps, a certification providing hostile opportunities; one has to hit the right track to enjoy its fruits in the latter stage, for leading a peaceful and successful life.


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