Top 50+ Cisco SD-WAN Interview Questions

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SD-WAN also called as Software Defined – Wired Area Network facilitates the management and operation of a WAN. It decouples the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

Various SD-WAN Vendors are available in the market, but one of the best defined SD-WAN is Cisco Viptela. On August 1, 2017, Cisco announced the acquisition of Viptela, a private company based out of San Jose, CA, which delivered a Cloud-First SD-WAN. Viptela is a software-driven and cloud-first architecture which builds its virtualization, automation, and analytics.

SD-WAN is one of the technologies used in evolving and shaping the Networking Industry, and we are sure you are keen on working on the same. Hence in this blog, we will look at Top Cisco SD-WAN Questions which interviewers could potentially ask in Cisco SD-WAN Interviews.

Here is the list of Top Cisco SD-WAN Interview Questions:

  1. What is the Cisco SD-WAN Solution?
  2. What are the key benefits offered by Cisco SD-WAN?
  3. Which problems can a Cisco SD-WAN overcome which other Vendor SD-WAN cant?
  4. Which sectors and industries have deployed the Cisco SD-WAN Solutions?
  5. How do you manage and operate Cisco SD-WAN?
  6. What are vSmart Controllers?
  7. What is the vBond Orchestrator?
  8. What is the Cisco vManage?
  9. How is Cisco SD-WAN deployed at branch offices and data center network or regional hubs?
  10. Is the Cisco SD-WAN solution secure?
  11. Does Cisco SD-WAN Solution support Network Segmentation and what are the benefits?
  12. What are the SD-WAN Security capabilities and which platforms support SD-WAN Security?
  13. Can the Cisco SD-WAN Solution provide optimization for IaaS and SaaS platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Google,, Cisco Webex, etc?
  14. How is the Cisco SD-WAN Solution ordered?
  15. Does the Cisco SD-WAN Solution support Multi-Tenancy?
  16. Is Cisco’s SD-WAN solution programmable and does it support APIs?
  17. What is DevNet Ecosystem Exchange?
  18. What is DevNet Code Exchange?
  19. What are the highlights of Cisco Routing Software Subscriptions?
  20. What benefits of SD-WAN and Routing Subscription Offers?
  21. Why should one opt for SDN?
  22. What is the latest software release version for the Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN image supported on the Cisco 1000 and 4000 Series ISRs, ASR 1000 Series, and 5000 Series ENCS platforms?
  23. How does a customer choose an optimal routing or SD-WAN solution?
  24. What is Viptela SD-WAN?
  25. How did Viptel SD-WAN help in Architecture Transformation?
  26. What are the components of Viptela SD-WAN?
  27. What is Domain ID?
  28. What are OMP Routes?
  29. What are Types of OMP Routes?
  30. What is Site ID?
  31. What is System IP Address?
  32. What is TLOC?
  33. Explain the Cisco SD-WAN Solution Architecture.
  34. Explain the SD-WAN Topology.
  35. What is a Color?
  36. Draw TLOC Routes and OMP
  37. What is VPN?
  38. What is a Service – Side VPN?
  39. How can you bring the vEdge into the overlay?
  40. How can you Bootstrap the vEdge Router?
  41. What is a Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Process?
  42. What are the requirements for ZTP Provisioning?
  43. What are Controller Connections?
  44. What are Configuration templates?
  45. What is a Device Template?
  46. Mention Device Template Components.
  47. What are Configuring Parameters?
  48. How to deploy Device Templates?
  49. How do Centralized and Localized Policies look? 
  50. How would you Configure Localized Policy?
  51. How would you configure Centralized Policy?
  52. What are the Types of Policy Defination?
  53. What is the Order of Operations?
  54. What is Traffic Symmetry of DPI?
  55. What is Quality of Service?

We hope the above Cisco SD-WAN Interview Questions were useful and will surely help you crack the Cisco SD-WAN Interview.

To find out the answers to all the Cisco SD-WAN Interview Questions, click below.

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