Top 80 DHCP Interview Questions [UPDATED 2020]

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Free Resources

Question 1: What is DHCP?
Question 2: What is DHCP In form message?
Question 3: Can DHCP Work With Apple Talk Or IPX?
Question 4: What Is DHCP Scope?
Question 5: What Servers forward DHCP requests?
Question 6: Is a DHCP Server “supposed To” Be Able to Support a BootP Client?
Question 7: What information a DHCP server can provide to a host?
Question 8: What Is DHCP’s Purpose?
Question 9: How DHCP Works?
Question 10: In a subnetted environment, how does the DHCP server discover what subnet a request has come from? Who Created It? How Was It Created?
Question 11: How can I Relay DHCP If My Router Does Not Support It?
Question 12: Why shouldn’t clients assign IP numbers without the use of a server?
Question 13: Who Created DHCP? How Was It Created?
Question 14: How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Laptops From Using A Network That Uses DHCP For Dynamic Addressing?
Question 15: What Routers use DHCP to configure their IP addresses?
Question 16: Can A DHCP Client Boot From A BootP Server?
Question 17: What administration tools administer DHCP configurations?
Question 18: How do I migrate my site from BOOTP to DHCP?
Question 19: What Is A Client Id?
Question 20: Can a client have a home address and still float?
Question 21: What is the reason for getting APIPA address?
Question 22: When Will The Server To Server Protocol Be Defined?
Question 23: Where Is DHCP Defined?
Question 24: What Is DHCP Database File Extension?
Question 25: What Routers forward DHCP requests?
Question 26: What servers support secondary subnet numbers?
Question 27: DHCP Database Storage Default Location?
Question 28: What is the range of APIPA address?
Question 29: Can A DHCP Server Back Up Another DHCP Server?
Question 30: Can a DHCP client update its DNS entry through DHCP?
Question 31: Can DHCP Support Statically Defined Addresses?
Question 32: Do any servers limit the MAC addresses that may roam?
Question 33: Can A BootP Client Boot From A DHCP Server?
Question 34: What are the Gotcha’s?
Question 35: Is there a DHCP mailing list?
Question 36: Which vendors of client software currently support DHCP?
Question 37: If a physical LAN has more than one logical subnet, how can different groups of clients be allocated addresses on different subnets?
Question 38: What analysers decode DHCP?
Question 39: Describe The Integration Between DHCP And DNS?
Question 40: DHCP Automatic backup Default Interval Time?
Question 41: If a single LAN has more than one subnet number, how can addresses be served on subnets other than the primary one?
Question 42: What Is The Reason For Getting APIPA Address?
Question 43: Where is DHCP defined?
Question 44: What Protocol And Port Does DHCP Use?
Question 45: What Is A Mac Address?
Question 46: What is the purpose of relay agent?
Question 47: What Is Dora In DHCP?
Question 48: Where We Can Change The Default DHCP Database Interval Time?
Question 49: What is DHCP decline message?
Question 50: Is A DHCP Client “supposed To” Be Able to use a BootP server?
Question 51: How Long Should A Lease Be?
Question 52: List Some Benefits Of Using DHCP?
Question 53: What Is BootP?
Question 54: Can DHCP Support Remote Access?
Question 55: Can you limit which MAC addresses are allowed to roam?
Question 56: What Is The Range Of APIPA Address?
Question 57: What other sources of information are available?
Question 58: What Is DHCPNak Message?
Question 59: What Is The Purpose Of Relay Agent?
Question 60: What is DHCPNAK message?
Question 61: How Is It Different Than BootP Or RARP?
Question 62: Can DHCP Work With AppleTalk Or IPX?
Question 63: How Does DHCP And BootP Handle Multiple Subnets?
Question 64: What Is The DHCP Process For Client Machine?
Question 65: What Is DHCP Decline Message?
Question 66: How DHCP Works?
Question 67: What Information A DHCP Server Can Provide To A Host?
Question 68: What Ports Are Used By DHCP And The DHCP Clients?
Question 69: How can I run Windows 95 without a DHCP server?
Question 70: What Is DHCP Spoofing?
Question 71: What Is A DHCP Lease?
Question 72: How To Authorize A DHCP Server In Active Directory Open DHCP?
Question 73: How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Laptops From Using A Network That Uses DHCP For Dynamic Addressing?
Question 74: Is there an SNMP MIB for DHCP?
Question 75: What Routers include DHCP servers?
Question 76: What are the DHCP plans of major client-software vendors?
Question 77: What freeware DHCP clients are available?
Question 78: What features or restrictions can a DHCP server have?
Question 79: What freeware DHCP servers are available?


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