Question 1          What is DHCP?Question 2          What is DHCPInform message?

Question 3          Can DHCP Work With Apple Talk Or IPX?

Question 4          What Is DHCP Scope?

Question 5          What Servers forward DHCP requests?

Question 6          Is a DHCP Server “supposed To” Be Able to Support a BootP Client?

Question 7          What information a DHCP server can provide to a host?

Question 8          What Is DHCP’s Purpose?

Question 9          How DHCP Works?

Question 10        In a subnetted environment, how does the DHCP server discover what subnet a request has come from? Who Created It? How Was It Created?

Question 11        How can I Relay DHCP If My Router Does Not Support It?

Question 12        Why shouldn’t clients assign IP numbers without the use of a server?

Question 13        Who Created DHCP? How Was It Created?

Question 14        How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Laptops From Using A Network That Uses DHCP For Dynamic Addressing?

Question 15        What Routers use DHCP to configure their IP addresses?

Question 16        Can A DHCP Client Boot From A BootP Server?

Question 17        What administration tools administer DHCP configurations?

Question 18        How do I migrate my site from BOOTP to DHCP?

Question 19        What Is A Client Id?

Question 20        Can a client have a home address and still float?

Question 21        What is the reason for getting APIPA address?

Question 22        When Will The Server To Server Protocol Be Defined?

Question 23        Where Is DHCP Defined?

Question 24        What Is DHCP Database File Extension?

Question 25        What Routers forward DHCP requests?

Question 26        What servers support secondary subnet numbers?

Question 27        DHCP Database Storage Default Location?

Question 28        What is the range of APIPA address?

Question 29        Can A DHCP Server Back Up Another DHCP Server?

Question 30        Can a DHCP client update its DNS entry through DHCP?

Question 31        Can DHCP Support Statically Defined Addresses?

Question 32        Do any servers limit the MAC addresses that may roam?

Question 33        Can A BootP Client Boot From A DHCP Server?

Question 34        What are the Gotcha’s?

Question 35        Is there a DHCP mailing list?

Question 36        Which vendors of client software currently support DHCP?

Question 37        If a physical LAN has more than one logical subnet, how can different groups of clients be allocated addresses on different subnets?

Question 38        What analysers decode DHCP?

Question 39        Describe The Integration Between DHCP And DNS?

Question 40        DHCP Automatic backup Default Interval Time?

Question 41        If a single LAN has more than one subnet number, how can addresses be served on subnets other than the primary one?

Question 42        What Is The Reason For Getting APIPA Address?

Question 43        Where is DHCP defined?

Question 44        What Protocol And Port Does DHCP Use?

Question 45        What Is A Mac Address?

Question 46        What is the purpose of relay agent?

Question 47        What Is Dora In DHCP?

Question 48        Where We Can Change The Default DHCP Database Interval Time?

Question 49        What is DHCP decline message?

Question 50        Is A DHCP Client “supposed To” Be Able to use a BootP server?

Question 51        How Long Should A Lease Be?

Question 52        List Some Benefits Of Using DHCP?

Question 53        What Is BootP?

Question 54        Can DHCP Support Remote Access?

Question 55        Can you limit which MAC addresses are allowed to roam?

Question 56        What Is The Range Of APIPA Address?

Question 57        What other sources of information are available?

Question 58        What Is DHCPNak Message?

Question 59        What Is The Purpose Of Relay Agent?

Question 60        What is DHCPNAK message?

Question 61        How Is It Different Than BootP Or RARP?

Question 62        Can DHCP Work With AppleTalk Or IPX?

Question 63        How Does DHCP And BootP Handle Multiple Subnets?

Question 64        What Is The DHCP Process For Client Machine?

Question 65        What Is DHCP Decline Message?

Question 66        How DHCP Works?

Question 67        What Information A DHCP Server Can Provide To A Host?

Question 68        What Ports Are Used By DHCP And The DHCP Clients?

Question 69        How can I run Windows 95 without a DHCP server?

Question 70        What Is DHCP Spoofing?

Question 71        What Is A DHCP Lease?

Question 72        How To Authorize A DHCP Server In Active Directory Open DHCP?

Question 73        How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Laptops From Using A Network That Uses DHCP For Dynamic Addressing?

Question 74        Is there an SNMP MIB for DHCP?

Question 75        What Routers include DHCP servers?

Question 76        What are the DHCP plans of major client-software vendors?

Question 77        What freeware DHCP clients are available?

Question 78        What features or restrictions can a DHCP server have?

Question 79        What freeware DHCP servers are available?