Mr. Shaunak got Placed in Sophos under CCIE Security Integrated from I-Medita

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Patel Shaunak J. is the student of I-Medita, he is basically from Ahmedabad. He enrolled here at I-Medita for CCIE Security Integrated training which is a job guarantee program and his training experience was exceptional. He was glad by the support provided by trainers and placement division of I-Medita.

Candidate Name: Shaunak Patel

Courses Enrolled: CCIE Security Integrated

Placed in: Sophos, Ahmedabad

We had a questions and answers session with Shaunak after his successful placement in Sophos, where he revealed how he actually got this opportunity and the success in same. Let’s have a look at the answers we got from Shaunak under the discussion.

Question: Hi, heartiest congratulations for getting your job in Networking Domain. So, how it feels like?

Answer: It’s a great feeling, being hired by a prestigious company getting into the industry, excited for new and upcoming challenges.

Question: Why I-MEDITA, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city and the nation over?

Answer: When I was looking for my CCIE training, I came across the name I-Medita and signed up after reading reviews but the support and the teaching method over here at I-Medita is exceptional.

Question: Could you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for other Networking aspirants?

Answer: The interview process starts with the technical rounds and processed with communication skills. The interviewer wanted to make sure that I am a long-term employee if I was to be hired.

Question: What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?

Answer: The deep-dive sessions & PD batches helped a lot, but being confident in interview process helped us well, not thinking about the result & just concentrating on the current interview process, helps to avoid usual mistakes.

Question: How was the journey with I-Medita your experience please and for which course you have enrolled here?

Answer: I enrolled for CCIE Security Integrated, the support from tutors and placement team was exceptional. The team here at I-Medita made sure that I was ready for the interview.

Question: What are the three things you liked about I-Medita’s Training?
Answer: The teaching method & support from the team, 24*7 Lab Access and overall industry ready training process.

Question: Did you find that I-Medita training program helped you to mark your entry there?
Answer: Yes, definitely being here at I-Meidta, helped me grow. As a networking aspirant student, the training I went through helped me grow as a potential employee as well.

Question: How would you rate I-MEDITA’s training program on a scale of 10?
Answer: I would not rate it because this is the best institute, I have been studying with but if I have to definitely 10/10.

Question: Any specific suggestion and message to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities in Networking Domain?

Answer: Don’t think about the end result, gain knowledge polish your soft skills and be confident, every experience is a lesson.

We are so happy by hearing such an astonishing review from our students. All our hard work pays off when students like Shaunak gets the best out of them and we wish Shaunak a great future ahead.

Drive of Sophos in I-Medita campus was not only for students of I-Medita. We had provided this opportunity to all the students who are in the networking domain and we encourage all the students to connect I-Medita for any help they need in Networking Domain.


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