Success Story: Adit Sood from MIT, reviews his 10 days CCNA fastrack course

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Mr. Adit Sood is a second year engineering student of Manipal Institute of technology. He attended 10 days CCNA Project Based Winter Training Program from I-Medita with 3-4 hours and lab sessions each day. He says that I-Medita team pushed him towards working hard on the course which was good as it was needed. He practiced on real Cisco routers and switches and is satisfied with the training.

I-Medita provides Cisco certified courses in the field of Networking offering courses like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and even combo courses.

When we asked a few questions to Adit Sood from MIT Manipal about his training with I-Medica who recently got enrolled for CCNA training program, the conversation went like this.

What training did you from I-Medita?

“I did Project Based Winter Trainings and made some projects too. We learned about different types of routing protocols, switching and OSI Model.

How many hours did you study?

“We studied for 3-4 hours for 10 days and lab after the classes”

Would you like to share something for the viewers?

“The best part was that everyone encourages you towards learning and for revisions. This is a good thing as it made us learn everything.”

Did you practice in labs? Which routers and switches you worked on?

“Yes, we practice in the labs and worked on 1841 Router and 2960 Switch.

This was Adit Sood, who shared his training experience and liked the way the trainers trained students.

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