Vivek got placed in GTT Communications during his Multi track Program

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Vivek is the bright student of I-Medita who enrolled here in Multitrack course and got placed in GTT Communication with his hard work and dedication. On the path of his success, we asked him some questions where he describes how I-Medita helped him to gain his success and dream job. He also talked about his interview procedure and gave some pro tips to networking candidates to crack any interview in networking domain.

Vivek also recommends this institute to the networking aspirants who really want to make the career in networking domain. Let hear what he exactly has to say about his experience with I–Medita.

Question: Hi, heartiest congratulations for getting your job in GTT Communications. So, how it feels like?

Answer: First of all I would like to thank I-Medita for providing me with this opportunity to get a job in the Networking Domain. It is the best feeling for me since I had very keen interest to work in networking domain and this institute helped me to achieve it.

Question: Why I-MEDITA, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city and the nation over?

Answer: To be honest I-Medita has the best trainers as well as the labs which are available almost anytime. Apart from this the environment of the institute is very studious and calm so you can just sit here for hours and follow your goals.

Question: Could you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for other Networking aspirants?

Answer: It was my first interview for a network domain job so I was a bit nervous but was confident enough about my basics. Since I have focused a lot on my basics (CCNA) so most of the questions were from basics (subnet, VLANs, VTP etc) and the communication part also I have prepared myself

Question: What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?

Answer: I think my good grasp in the basic part and advise from my seniors in the institution, I have also have taken help from the internet and prepared a good introduction as well as studied about the company like services it provides Head office etc. So it automatically increases your confidence and I think that is the key to rack any interview.

Question: How was the journey with I-Medita your experience please and for which course you have enrolled here?

Answer: My journey here was quite smooth since the environment of the institute is just perfect for study every day we come here and just focus on our goals without worrying for jobs and I think that really helped me. I have enrolled in the Multi-Track programme.

Question: What are the three things you liked about I-Medita’s Training?

Answer: There are numerous of things good about institute but the best three are:

  1. Experienced trainers
  2. Availability of labs
  3. The environment which makes things easy to study.

Question: Did you find that I-Medita training program helped you to mark your entry there?

Answer: Yes, I am happy with the result but I have further plans more and achieve a better place in the industry.

Question: How would you rate I-MEDITA’s training program on a scale of 10?

Answer: I would rate it 10/10

Question: Any specific suggestion and message to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities in Networking Domain?

Answer: I think hard work with the right training and teaching is the key.

We feel so proud when students like Vivek Pandey gives the best result of our hard word, May God give you all the happiness and prosperity in future. We are always here to help you whenever you need any guidance or any help.

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