Question 1          What is VPN?Question 2          What Security Vulnerabilities Are Addressed By VPN?

Question 3          What is Authentication, Confidentiality & Integrity?

Question 4          Can You List Some Items For A VPN Checklist From Deciding Whether To Use, Then Selecting, Then Deploying, then Maintaining VPN?

Question 5          What is Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption?

Question 6          What is IPSec VPN?

Question 7          Is VPN A Long-term Solution Or A Short-term Stop Gap Kind Of Thing?

Question 8          At what layer IPsec works?

Question 9          What Are Unreasonable Expectations For VPN?

Question 10        Name a major drawback of IPSec?

Question 11        What is the difference between Transport and Tunnel mode?

Question 12        What are the three main security services that IPSec VPN provides?

Question 13        Define Digital Signatures?

Question 14        What Are Reasonable Expectations For A VPN?

Question 15        What is Authorization?

Question 16        Is There Market Penetration For These Products?

Question 17        What Firewall Issues Are Relevant To VPN Selection And Deployment?

Question 18        What is Site to Site and Remote Access VPN?

Question 19        What are the 3 protocols used in IPSec?

Question 20        Explain IPsec Protocol Headers?

Question 21        How ESP & AH provides anti-replay protection?

Question 22        What is IKE?

Question 23        What Kind Of Resources (staff, Computational Muscle, Bandwidth, etc) Are Required for VPN Deployment, Usage, Maintenance?

Question 24        At what protocol does IKE works?

Question 25        Explain how IKE/ISAKMP Works?

Question 26        Explain the messages exchange between the peers in IKE/ISAKMP?

Question 27        What Is The Relationship Between VPN And Firewalls?

Question 28        What is Diffie-Hellman?

Question 29        How Diffie-Hellman works?

Question 30        What are Security Associations?

Question 31        What is Transform set?

Question 32        What are Crypto access lists?

Question 33        Are There Applications or Environments in Which VPNs Would Really Be Detrimental?

Question 34        What are Crypto map?

Question 35        How do you check the status of the tunnel’s phase 1 & 2?

Question 36        What is IPsec Virtual Tunnel Interface?

Question 37        Are VPNs Used For Specific Kinds Of Applications Or Environments? If So, What Are Some Examples Of Where And Why VPNs Would Be Deployed?

Question 38        What is the difference between Static Crypto Maps and Dynamic Crypto Maps?

Question 39        What is Cisco Easy VPN?

Question 40        What is DMVPN?

Question 41        What Crypto Issues Are Relevant In The VPN Context?

Question 42        What are the three phases of DMVPN?

Question 43        Explain Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)?

Question 44        What is GRE?

Question 45        Name a major drawback of both GRE & L2TP?

Question 46        Who Are The Major Players In The Market?

Question 47        What is SSL VPN? How it is different from IPsec VPN?

Question 48        At which Layer does SSL VPN operates?

Question 49        What are different SSL VPN Modes?

Question 50        What Are Some Of The Tough Questions To Pose To VPN Product Vendors?

Question 51        Explain SSL Handshake?

Question 52        What Kind Of Performance Issues Does VPN Raise?

Question 53        What Security Vulnerabilities Are Unique To Or Heightened By VPN?