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Welcome to our cutting-edge CCIE Classes in Delhi – your gateway to becoming a networking expert! Our intensive program, led by seasoned instructors, ensures a comprehensive understanding of the official Cisco curriculum. With round-the-clock access to real labs, hands-on experience is at your fingertips. We prioritize your success, offering placement assistance for a seamless transition into the professional arena. Elevate your career with us – embark on the journey to CCIE excellence in the heart of Delhi!


  • Advanced Networking Mastery: Deep dive into intricate networking concepts crucial for enterprise infrastructure.
  • Large-Scale Network Design: Learn to design and implement expansive, high-performing networks.
  • Routing and Switching Excellence: Explore advanced techniques for optimized network performance.
  • Robust Network Security: Implement effective security measures against potential threats.
  • Scalable Solutions: Build scalable, high-performance network solutions for modern enterprises.
  • Integration of Technologies: Master the integration of SD-WAN, IoT, and cloud services.
  • Troubleshooting and Optimization: Develop skills to troubleshoot and optimize network performance.
  • Automation and Orchestration: Learn automation to streamline tasks and boost efficiency.
  • Hands-On Lab Experience: Apply knowledge in practical scenarios through lab exercises.
  • Effective Collaboration: Improve collaboration and communication with cross-functional teams.
  • CCIE Exam Preparation: Be well-prepared for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Analyze practical case studies for applied learning.
  • Career Advancement: Boost your career with a globally recognized certification.
  • After completing CCIE online training, you will be prepared for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure examination.


  • Enrich your career journey with comprehensive CCIE classes in delhi
  • Establish yourself as an authority in enterprise infrastructure, earning admiration from both peers and employers.
  • Boost your career prospects by positioning yourself at the forefront of industry demands through expertise in intricate networking scenarios.
  • Ensure your skills remain relevant and aligned with current trends in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Empower yourself to efficiently identify and resolve real-world issues by honing your troubleshooting skills.
  • Pioneer the integration of emerging technologies, showcasing yourself as an innovator in your field.
  • Master the art of automation to streamline processes, enhancing operational efficiency and amplifying your professional impact.
  • Create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange by joining a global CCIE community.
  • Confidently navigate complex concepts, increasing your ability to tackle challenging tasks and becoming an indispensable asset to your team.


Explore our CCIE in Delhi, designed for a diverse range of professionals seeking to elevate their careers:
  • IT Managers and Directors
  • Network Architects
  • Solutions Architects
  • Security Professionals
  • System Integrators
  • Network Consultants
  • Experienced Network Professionals
  • IT Professionals Pursuing Career Advancement
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Professionals Seeking Cross-Functional Skills
  • Cloud Infrastructure Specialists
  • Wireless Networking Engineers
  • Data Center Managers
  • VoIP and Collaboration Experts
  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialists
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • Emerging Technology Enthusiasts


  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification requires no formal prerequisites.
  • The certification process involves two exams: the Qualifying exam (ENCOR) and the Hands-on lab exam.
  • Achieving this certification signifies high proficiency in managing complex infrastructure.
  • Key success factors include a strong foundation in networking basics, real-world experience, familiarity with Cisco technologies, understanding of TCP/IP, knowledge in routing and switching, principles of network security, hands-on dedication, and a commitment to continuous learning.
  • Embark confidently on your CCIE journey, equipped with essential skills for managing intricate enterprise infrastructure solutions.


Virtual machines
  • Cisco CSR 1000v Series Cloud Services Routers with Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Release 16.12
  • Cisco IOSv with Cisco IOS Software Release 15.8
  • Cisco IOSv-L2 with Cisco IOS Software Release 15.2
  • Cisco SD-WAN (vManage, vBond, vSmart, vEdge) Software Release 18.4
  • Cisco DNA Center Release 1.3.1

Physical Equipment

  • Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches Release 16.12
Supporting virtual machines
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.6
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS


Our training is specifically designed to comprehensively cover the official blueprints for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. This approach ensures a deep understanding of the essential topics necessary for success in the certification exam.
  • Cisco Express Forwarding and Routing Concepts
  • Network Challenges in Complex Environments
  • Expert-Level Operations: IP, TCP, UDP
  • IOS Troubleshooting Tools Usage
  • LAN Switching Technologies Operations
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Technologies
  • EIGRP and OSPF Implementation (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • BGP Implementation
  • ISIS Implementation (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • VPN Technologies Implementation
  • Tunneling Operations and Verifications
  • Device Security Enabling
  • Network Security Operations
  • Quality of Service Operations
  • Network Services Features and Operations
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure Implementation and Operation
  • Cisco SD-Access and SD-WAN Deployment
  • Infrastructure Automation and Programmability
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Basic Switch Operations Configuration
  • Switchport Configuration Verification
  • VLAN Operations Configuration and Verification
  • Trunks Configuration and Verification
  • VLAN Trunking Protocol Operations
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Operations
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Configuration Verification
  • STP Protection Operations Verification
  • RSTP Operations Verification
  • MSTP Operations Verification
  • Ether-Channel Operations Configuration and Verification
  • Multilayer Switching Operations Verification
  • DHCP Operations Configuration and Verification
  • Syslog Operations Configuration and Verification
  • NTP Operations Configuration and Verification
  • SNMP and IP SLA Operations Configuration and Verification
  • SPAN and RSPAN Operations Configuration and Verification
  • HSRP, VRRP, GLBP High Availability Operations Configuration and Verification
  • Port-Security Operations Configuration and Verification
  • VLAN-ACL and Private VLANs Operations Configuration and Verification
  • DHCP Snooping and AAA Operations Configuration and Verification
  • Packet Forwarding
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Static Routing
  • Prefix Lists
  • EIGRP Named Mode and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
  • EIGRP Stub, Filtering, and Authentication
  • OSPF Configuration (Broadcast, Non-broadcast, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint)
  • OSPF Area Types, Filtering, Summarization, Authentication
  • Virtual Links, GRE Tunnels, Default Route Injection
  • BGP Configuration (Neighbor Adjacency, Route Reflectors, Confederation, Filtering, Load Balancing)
  • DMVPN Mechanics and Designs
  • IPsec/IKEv2 using Pre-shared Key
  • FlexVPN Use-Cases
  • Label Distribution Protocol Configuration
  • MPLS and NAT
  • IPv6 Configuration (OSPFv3, Summarization, LSAs, EIGRPv6, BGP)
  • Multicast
  • IGMPv2, IGMPv3, IGMP Snooping, PIM Snooping
  • IGMP Querier, IGMP Filter, MLD
  • Reverse Path Forwarding Check
  • PIM Sparse Mode, Static RP, BSR, AutoRP
  • PIM Group to RP Mapping, Bidirectional PIM, Source-Specific Multicast
  • Multicast Boundary, RP Announcement Filter, PIMv6 Anycast RP
  • IPv4 Anycast RP using MSDP, Multicast Multipath
  • Quality of Service
  • CoS and DSCP Mapping
  • Marking using IP Precedence, DSCP, CoS
  • Classification, Policing, Shaping
  • Queuing Drop Policies
  • Interconnecting SD-WAN Components
  • Enterprise Root CA Server Installation
  • Initial Configurations on vManage, vBond, vSmart, vEdge, cEdge
  • System, Banner, VPN, AAA, BFD, OMP Templates Configuration
  • Routing Configurations (Static, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP)
  • TLOC Extension, Hub-n-Spoke Topology, Control Policy
  • Firewall Service Insertion, Route and TLOC Filtering
  • Route-Leaking, VPN-Membership Policy, Data Policy
  • Application-Aware Policies, NAT, Direct Internet Access
  • cFlowd Policy, QoS Concepts, Packet Loss Mitigation
  • Application-Aware Firewall, URL Filtering, AMP, DNS/Web Layer Security
  • Cloud-on-Ramp for SaaS, Cloud-on-Ramp for IaaS
  • Monitoring Features Exploration, Software Upgrade
  • DNAC
  • Border Switch and Fusion Router Configuration
  • Network Hierarchy Design, Server Configuration, Device Credentials
  • IP Address Pools, Skinny Configuration, Underlay Network (OSPF)
  • Device Discovery, Provisioning, Seed Device Assignment
  • LAN Automation, Fabric Devices Provisioning
  • HQ Site IP Pools Reservation, Virtual Networks Creation
  • Transit Network Configuration, Host Onboarding
  • Device Roles Provisioning (Control, Border, Edge)
  • Fusion Router Configuration, ISE Integration
  • Authorization Profiles and Policies Configuration
  • DHCP Server Configuration, SGT Configuration
  • Contract, SG ACL, Macro Segmentation
  • Network and Client Health, Path Discovery, Templates
  • L2 Handoff, Macro Segmentation Verification
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Prerequisites for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification?
There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Eaxmiamtion. However, you must pass the CCIE written Exam to become eligible to appear for the CCIE Lab exam. Also, it would help if you had a thorough understanding of the exam topics before taking the Exam. Candidates are recommended to have five to seven years of experience with designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing enterprise networking technologies and solutions before taking the Exam.
Format of CCIE ENCOR 350-401 Exam

350-401 ENCOR – Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies Certification Exam consists of the following types of questions.

  • Multiple choice questions with just one answer
  • Multiple choice questions with more than one answers
  • Drag & Drop questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Simulation Questions
Exam topics Weightage in ENCOR 350-401 Exam

The following topics are general guidelines for content expected to be included in the exams. Guidelines may change at any time without any notice and Other related topics may also be included in exams.

Domain Exam %
Architecture 15%
Virtualization 10%
Infrastructure 30%
Network Assurance 10%
Security 20%
Automation 15%
Scheduling the CCIE ENCOR 350-401 Exam

Cisco conducts the Cisco ENCOR 350-401 Exam in two ways. Proctored exams delivered at a Pearson Vue Test Center OR OnVUE Online proctored Exam.

  • At Test Center: Cisco ENCOR 350-401 certification exam is delivered in a proctored environment at a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center. To schedule a certification exam or locate a test center, visit
  • OnVUE Online proctored Exam: Appear Cisco ENCOR 350-401 from your home or office. You can take your Cisco ENCOR 350-401 examination from home through OnVUE online proctoring. A live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation to provide a secure exam experience.
The same Pearson VUE web account is used to schedule the Cisco ENCOR 350-401 Certification exam at the test center or via OnVUE Online proctored Exam.
Format of CCIE EI CCIE Practical Exam

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Practical/lab exam consists out of 2 modules that are fixed in time and will be delivered in a fixed sequence:

  • Module 1: Design (3 hours)
  • Module 2: Deploy, Operate and Optimize (5 hours
Exam topics Weightage in CCIE EI Practical Exam

The following topics are general guidelines for content expected to be included in the exams. Guidelines may change at any time without any notice and Other related topics may also be included in exams.

Domain Exam %
Network Infrastructure 30%
Software Defined Infrastructure 25%
Transport Technologies and Solutions 15%
Infrastructure Security and Services 15%
Infrastructure Automation and Programmability 15%
Scheduling CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Practical Exam

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Practical/Lab Exam is conducted only at 9 Lab Centers worldwide; Cisco Bangalore is India’s only Lab Exam Center. Wait for about ten days after clearing the Cisco ENCOR 350-401 exam, and then schedule your Cisco CCIE EI Lab exam. You will need a Valid Cisco User account and the following information handy for scheduling CCIE Lab exam online.

Validity of CCIE EI Certification

Your CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification is valid for three years.

CCIE Recertification Process

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Recertification requirements must be met before the certification expiration date. Following are the options available for CCIE recertification

  • Pass any one expert-level Lab/Practical exam
  • Pass any three separate professional concentration exams
  • Pass one technology core exam and pass any one professional concentration exam. (This is also a CCNP certification if done in the same track.)
  • Pass the CCDE Written Exam
  • Earn 120 CE credits
  • Pass one technology core exam and earn 40 CE credits
  • Pass any two separate professional concentration exams and earn 40 CE credits
  • Pass any one professional concentration exam and earn 80 CE credits
How can I make the payment?

Easy payment choices are available, we accept payment via Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, Draft, Cheque, Payment wallets, and UPI (Monthly EMI Options are also available on some selected Credit Cards & debit cards). You make an online payment from this link:

How can I convert my training fee into No-Cost EMI Instalment?
  • Monthly EMI Options are also available on some selected Credit Cards & debit cards. The interest to be charged by the bank will be provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your payment, effectively giving you the benefit of a No-Cost EMI. This discount excludes GST on the interest amount that will be charged by your bank.
  • To convert your training fee into a No-Cost EMI offer, the interest amount will be discounted from the price of your training program fee. The total amount you pay to the bank (excluding GST) will equal the training program cost. Bank may charge you GST only on the interest amount. For more details, please check the EMI plans on the payments page –
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