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    10 Days

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    6 Hours a Day

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    USD 800

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    (Mon-Thu) & (Sat-Sun)

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Cisco ASA Firewall Training Overview

Before we try to understand what is Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course, let us realize the importance of network security in our day to day life. Networks are accessed by people anytime, from any location, using any device like Smartphone, Tablets, Computers, Laptops etc. It is therefore necessary to secure data and network to provide only the right access to appropriate users. Cisco ASA Firewall does precisely that.

Cisco ASA stands for Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance. Cisco ASA is Firewall & Network security platform that merges the capabilities of firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and virtual private network to provide an all-inclusive security solution. Cisco ASA offer highly secure access to data and network resources and protects corporate networks of all sizes

What is Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course?

I-Medita conducts Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course for Network Security professionals. Our Cisco ASA Firewall Training course comprises of intense classroom based lectures combined with extensive Lab sessions. During our course, you will gain detailed knowledge about Cisco ASA features & VPN Features. You will become confident to deploy, administer and support Cisco ASA appliances.

Who should attend Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course?

  • Security Professionals and Engineers responsible for deployment, administration, and support of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances should take this course to improve their competencies.
  • Cisco ASA is a very crucial part of the CCIE Security exam. Hence Security Professionals aspiring to appear for CCIE Security Certification exam should take this course for a systematic & thorough preparation for the exam.

Pre-requisites for Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course?

You should have good understanding and knowledge of Security concepts and the enthusiasm to continuously learn new and advanced technologies, if you wish to enroll for Cisco ASA Firewall training course.

I-Medita Free Demo Session

I-Medita arranges a Free Demo Session for Network Security Professionals interested in attending the Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course. You get to experience how our ASA Firewall classroom lectures are conducted. You can take a tour of our state of the art Cisco Labs. You also get an opportunity to interact with our Cisco CCIE Certified expert trainers and discuss any topics/concerns about Cisco ASA or Network security in general.

Batch Details

I-Medita has scheduled multiple batches of Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course per day. We have only 20 students so that our trainers can pay individual attention to students. We are proud of the fact that all our Trainers are renowned Industry Experts & Cisco CCIE Certified Professionals

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Training
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

10 Days

10 Days


6 Hours a Day

6 Hours a Day


USD 800

USD 800

What will you learn in Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course?

Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course focuses on below mentioned aspects of Cisco ASA Firewall security features. During the course, you will learn:

  • Cisco ASA Essentials and Basics
  • Routing on Cisco ASA
  • NAT on Cisco ASA
  • VPNs on Cisco ASA
  • VPN Load balancing on Cisco ASA
  • Cisco ASA Advanced Firewall Features
  • Clustering on Cisco ASA
  • MPF on Cisco ASA and much more.

What are the outcomes of Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course? 

You will have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of important concepts & features of Cisco ASA appliances. After completion of the Cisco ASA Firewall Training course, you will have gained detailed knowledge to implement and manage security on Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco routers with the firewall feature set, and Cisco switches. You will gain practical experience to configure & implement security solutions for reducing the risk of threats

What is the Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course Curriculum?

I-Medita ASA Firewall Training course curriculum has been designed taking into consideration all the aspects of Cisco ASA firewall implementations. We start from the very basics and cover even advanced features. It covers all topics required to be studied for CCNP Security & CCIE Security exams. Our course curriculum consists of the following topics:

  • Firewall Introduction
  • ASA Firewall Basics
  • Routing on ASA Introduction
  • Static & Default Routing on ASA Firewall
  • RIP on ASA Firewall
  • EIGRP on ASA Firewall
  • OSPF on ASA Firewall
  • BGP on ASA Firewall
  • SLA on ASA Firewall
  • NAT on ASA Firewall
  • CTP on ASA Firewall
  • IPSEC Introduction
  • Site-Site VPN on ASA Firewall
  • Remote Access VPN on ASA Firewall
  • VPN Load Balancing on ASA Firewall
  • SSL VPN on ASA Firewall
  • Transparent Firewall on ASA
  • Security Context on ASA Firewall
  • Failover on ASA Firewall
  • MPF on ASA Firewall
  • IPV6 on ASA Firewall
  • OSPFV3 on ASA Firewall 

I-Medita has state of the art Training Labs equipped with the latest Cisco Switches, Routers & Firewalls. We believe that Practical Trainings and Lab Sessions are equally important to gain hands-on practice. Our ASA Firewall Lab Training sessions provide you ample hands on practice for the Implementation of:

  • ASA Basics
  • IPv4 Static Routing on ASA
  • IPv4 Default Routing on ASA
  • RIP on ASA
  • EIGRP on ASA
  • OSPF on ASA
  • IS-IS on ASA
  • BGP on ASA
  • OSPFv3 on ASA
  • IPv6 Static Routing on ASA
  • IPv6 Default Routing on ASA
  • SLA on ASA
  • NAT on ASA
  • CTP on ASA
  • Site-Site VPN on ASA
  • Remote Access VPN on ASA
  • SSL VPN on ASA
  • VPN Load balancing on ASA
  • Transparent Firewall on ASA
  • Context on ASA
  • Active-Standby Failover on ASA
  • Active-Active Failover on ASA
  • Active-Standby Failover on ASA with IPv6
  • Active-Active Failover on ASA with IPv6
  • Clustering on ASA with IPv4
  • Clustering on ASA with IPv6
  • MPF on ASA
  • NAT IPv6 on ASA
  • Site-Site VPN on ASA with IPv6
  • SSL VPN on ASA with IPv6
  • EIGRP on ASA in Multiple Mode
  • OSPF on ASA in Multiple Mode
  • IS-IS on ASA in Multiple Mode
  • BGP on ASA in Multiple Mode 

Post Training Support &Placement 

When you enroll for I-Medita Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course, you get the chance to attend 3 refresher courses, (if & when required), without paying any extra fees. We provide you 24*7 support via Chat, WhatsApp and Emails for resolving all your doubts or queries

I-Medita offers 100% placement support to students. We help you prepare striking resumes by highlighting your experience & core networking skills. We provide you an exhaustive question bank comprising of frequently asked security questions as a handy preparation for interviews & exams. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Certification related to Cisco ASA Firewall?

CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS - Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (SENSS) examination validates candidates skills and knowledge to configure, troubleshoot and operate Cisco perimeter edge security solutions utilizing Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewalls. So this training will prepare you for CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS examination.

Cisco SENSS Exam - Pre-requisites

Professionals who wish to appear for the CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS exam should have the knowledge & skills of -

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows® operating system
  • A CCNA Security certification
  • Routing Protocols
SENSS Exam - No. of Papers, Questions, Duration

300-206 SENSS exam duration is 90-minutes and consists of 65 - 75 questions. This exam tests your knowledge used to provide security to the networks using Network Address Translation (NAT), ASA policy and application inspect, and a zone-based firewall on Cisco routers, etc.

Our Trainers

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh Yadav

Triple CCIE R&S, SP, Security #46962

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh

CCIE Security #37094

Sudhanshu Bhat

Sudhanshu Bhat

CCIE Voice #41212

Surendra Singh

Surendra Singh

CCIE R&S #60346

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