Cisco SDA Training – Cisco SD Access Training

Unlock the power of Cisco SD-Access with I-Medita’s training. Elevate your skills through hands-on learning, gaining a competitive edge in the evolving world of networking. Join us for a transformative experience and master the latest in network architecture. Stay ahead with I-Medita’s Cisco SD-Access Training.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of networking, Cisco SD-Access has emerged as a transformative technology. Embarking on a journey into the world of networking requires not just knowledge but a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies. I-Medita;s Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training goes beyond traditional training methods, offering a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

What you’ll learn in Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training

Our Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training course teaches you how to successfully deploy the Cisco® Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution in your enterprise network. This advanced-level, instructor-led hands-on course covers SD-Access fundamentals, provisioning, policies, integration, border operations, and migration strategies. The course also discusses how Cisco SD-Access fits into the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA).This training covers key aspects of Cisco SD-Access, including its role in addressing network change drivers, automation, and security. You will explore the capabilities of Cisco DNA Center and learn to integrate it with Cisco ISE for efficient endpoint management. Gain skills in operating and troubleshooting Cisco SD-Access networks, extending policies to WANs and data centers, and optimizing performance through Cisco DNA Assurance. By the end, you’ll be equipped to implement, operate, and troubleshoot SD-Access effectively, enhancing security and network management in your organization’s campus networks.

How you’ll benefit with Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training

  • Acquire skills and knowledge to configure and maintain a network infrastructure using Cisco SD-Access.
  • comprehensive understanding of Cisco SD-Access, its implementation, and its integration with Cisco DNA Center and other related technologies
  • You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively design, deploy, operate, and troubleshoot Cisco SD-Access networks in order to improve security, simplify management, and enhance the overall performance of campus networks.
  • Understand Cisco DNA Assurance for optimizing client, device, and application health.
  • Operate Cisco SD-Access efficiently and troubleshoot fabric problems.
  • Learn to integrate Cisco DNA Center, Cisco ISE, and onboard diverse endpoints effectively.
  • This training will also enhance your career opportunities in the field of enterprise networking.

Who should enroll in Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training

  • Network Administrator
  • System Installers
  • System Integrators
  • System Administrators
  • Solutions Designers
  • Network Engineers
  • Help desk technician
  • Network Support technician
  • Candidates Planning to take Cisco CCNP/SD-WAN/CCIE EI Examinations

Cisco SDA Training Course Prerequisites

  • Strong understanding of enterprise WAN design.
  • CCNP level core networking knowledge.
  • Ability to use Windows and Linux CLI tools such as ping, SSH, or running scripts
  • Familiarity with Switching technologies, ISE and work experience towards traditional networking technologies

TRAINING DETAILS- Cisco SDA Training – Cisco SD Access Training

Training Name Cisco SDA Training – Cisco SD Access Training
Training Type Instructor Led Training (Classroom/Online)
Batches Available Regular (Mon-Thu) and (Sat-Sun)
Training Duration 50+ Hours Approx
Daily Training Hours 2/3 hours per day
Payment Mode All Payment Options Accepted
Recorded Video Lectures 06 Months same classes video recording access
Study Material Workbooks, Notes Handouts, Exam Prep Material, Interview Prep Material
Learning Portal World-class learning system (Web portal, iOS Application, Android Application)

Cisco SDA Training Course – Objectives

  • Learn about the introduction and significance of Cisco SD-Access Solution.
  • Understand the reasons behind the adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN).
  • Explore the SDN solutions offered by Cisco.
  • Gain knowledge about building an end-to-end SDN solution using SD-Access, SD-WAN, and ACI/APIC.
  • Understand the use-cases and features of Cisco SD-Access Solution.
  • Learn how to migrate existing networks to Cisco SD-Access.
  • Understand the architecture of Cisco SD-Access.
  • Explore the physical layer of Cisco SD-Access.
  • Gain knowledge about the different devices involved in the physical layer of Cisco SD-Access.
  • Understand the Catalyst 9k Platform Switches and IOS-XE used in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Learn about intermediate nodes in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Understand the roles of devices in the physical layer of Cisco SD-Access.
  • Explore the fabric-in-a-box feature in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Understand the network layer of Cisco SD-Access.
  • Learn about the components of the SD-Access fabric, including underlay and overlay.
  • Understand the underlay in Cisco SD-Access, including layer 2 and layer 3 options.
  • Learn about manual and automated underlay options in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Explore the overlay in Cisco SD-Access, including the control plane, data plane, and policy plane.
  • Understand the traditional vs. LISP routing architecture and its implementation in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Gain knowledge about the data plane in Cisco SD-Access based on VxLAN technology.
  • Understand the use of VxLAN and VxLAN-GPO in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Learn about the policy plane in Cisco SD-Access based on Cisco TrustSec.
  • Explore the macro and micro segmentation capabilities using virtual networks and scalable group tags.
  • Understand the elements of Cisco TrustSec, including SGT, contracts, and policy matrix.
  • Learn about the operations of Cisco TrustSec, including classification, propagation, and enforcement.
  • Understand the controller layer in Cisco SD-Access.
  • Learn about the controllers used in Cisco SD-Access, including Cisco DNAC and ISE.
  • Explore the Cisco DNA Center Appliance, including its hardware specifications, scalability, and high availability cluster.
  • Understand the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), including its benefits, components, and personas.
  • Gain knowledge about the management layer of Cisco SD-Access, including GUI and API access to Cisco DNAC, different workflows in Cisco DNAC, and exploring Cisco DNAC APIs.

Cisco SDA Training Course – Detailed Outline

  • Introduction to Cisco SD-Access Solution
  • Why Software-Defined Networking?
  • SDN Solutions offered by Cisco
  • End-to-End SDN Solution using SD-Access, SD-WAN and ACI/APIC
  • Cisco SD-Access Solution, use-cases and features
  • Migrating existing network to Cisco SDA
  • Cisco SD-Access Architecture
  • SD-Access Physical Layer
  • SD-Access Network Layer
  • SD-Access Controller Layer
  • SD-Access Management Layer
  • SD-Access Physical Layer
  • Devices at SD-Access Physical Layer
  • Catalyst 9k Platform Switches and IOS-XE
  • Intermediate Nodes in SD-Access
  • Extended and Policy Extended Nodes
  • Roles of Devices at SD-Access Physical Layer
  • Fabric Edge Node
  • Fabric Control Plane Node
  • Fabric Border Node – Internal, External and Anywhere
  • Fabric-in-a-Box Feature
  • SD-Access Network Layer
  • Components of SD-Access Fabric – Underlay and Overlay
  • SD-Access Underlay
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Underlay
  • Manual and Automated Underlay
  • SD-Access Overlay
  • Control Plane
  • Data Plane
  • Policy Plane
  • Traditional vs LISP Routing Architecture
  • SD-Access Control Plane based on LISP
  • LISP Terminology – EID and RLOC, MS/MR
  • LISP Terminology – iTR, eTR, xTR, PiTR, PeTR, PxTR
  • Traditional LISP vs SD-Access Implementation of LISP
  • SD-Access Data Plane based on VxLAN
  • Why VxLAN?
  • VxLAN-GPO in SD-Access
  • SD-Access Policy Plane based on Cisco TrustSec
  • Macro Segmentation using Virtual Network
  • Micro Segmentation using Scalable Group Tag
  • Elements of CTS – SGT, Contracts, Policy Matrix
  • CTS Operations – Classification, Propagation & Enforcement
  • SD-Access Controller Layer
  • Controllers used in SD-Access – Cisco DNAC and ISE
  • Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  • Hardware Specifications of Cisco DNAC
  • Appliance Scale
  • High Availability Cluster of Cisco DNAC
  • NCP Sub-System of Cisco DNAC
  • NDP Sub-System of Cisco DNAC
  • Correlation between NCP and NDP
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • ISE Benefits and Use-Cases
  • Components of ISE
  • ISE Node, Types and Personas – PSN, PAN, MnT and PXG
  • Network Access Device
  • SD-Access Management Layer
  • GUI and API to Access Cisco DNAC
  • Different Workflows in Cisco DNAC
  • Design Workflow
  • Policy Workflow
  • Provision Workflow
  • Assurance Workflow
  • Other Generic Workflows in DNAC
  • Exploring Cisco DNAC APIs
  • Deploying Cisco SD-Access in a Distributed Campus
  • Fabric Sites in Cisco SD-Access
  • Fabric Domain and Transit
  • Using IP Transits to connect to External Domain and Multisite
  • Fabric Sites Connecting on WAN Transit
  • Cisco SD-Access Transit
  • Cisco SD-WAN Transit
  • Requirements of Creating SD-Access Fabric
  • Fabric Location
  • Fabric VNs
  • Fabric Device Roles
  • Host Onboarding in Cisco SD-Access
  • Authentication Template
  • VN to IP Pool Mapping
  • SSID to IP Pool Mapping
  • Port-Assignment
  • Cisco SDA Shared Services
  • DHCP in Cisco SD-Access
  • DNS and NTP in Cisco SD-Access
  • Syslog, SNMP, AAA and Other Services
  • Advance Cisco SD-Access Topics
  • Cisco DNAC Tools – Topology, Command Runner, Security Advisories
  • Software Image Management
  • DNAC LAN Automation
  • Multicast in SD-Access
  • Head-End Replication
  • Native Multicast
  • Layer 2 Flooding
  • Layer 2 Border and Inter-Site
  • Traffic Flow in Cisco SD-Access – Intra/Inter/External Destinations
  • Template Editor Tools
  • PnP Process in Cisco SD-Access
  • Wireless in Cisco SD-Access
  • WLC and AP in Cisco SD-Access
  • Initial Onboarding of Cisco WLC in SD-Access Fabric
  • Wireless Profile and Template
  • Enabling Wireless in a Fabric-Site
  • Traffic Flow for Wireless Users in SD-Access Fabric
  • Cisco SD-Access Assurance
  • Cisco DNA Analytics
  • DNA Assurance Architecture
  • Streaming Telemetry and Health Dashboard
  • Assurance Tools
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Anomaly Capture
  • Path-Trace Analytic Tools
  • Cisco AI Analytics

Devices Used for labs

  • 1 Catalyst 9300 Switch for Branch 1
  • 3 Catalyst 3850 Switches for Branch 2
  • 1 DNAC
  • 1 ISE
  • 1 WLC for Wireless Support
  • Eve-Ng for Traditional Network Design

Labs to Cover- in Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training

  • Lab 01 – DNAC Installation and Initial Configuration
  • Lab 02 – Role-Based Access Control in DNAC
  • Lab 03 – General Settings and Overview of Cisco DNAC
  • Lab 04 – Creating Sites in Design Workflow
  • Lab 05 – Network Settings – IP Address Pools, DHCP, DNS and others
  • Lab 06 – Creating Underlay Network Manually
  • Lab 07 – Device Discovery – Discovery Tool and Manual
  • Lab 08 – Assigning Devices to Sites
  • Lab 09 – Device Provisioning using Provision Tool in DNAC
  • Lab 10 – Implementing LAN Automation in Lab
  • Lab 11 – Assigning Device Roles in SDA Fabric – Edge, Control & Border
  • Lab 12 – Fusion Router Configuration for Fabric Border Node
  • Lab 13 – Layer-3 Handoff Configuration
  • Lab 14 – Host-Onboarding – VN/SGT Assignment, IP Address Pools
  • Lab 15 – Host-Onboarding – Port Assignment
  • Lab 16 – Enabling DHCP for User in VN
  • Lab 17 – Authentication Templates in Cisco DNAC
  • Lab 18 – Creating VN, SGT and Policy in Policy Workflow
  • Lab 19 – Enabling Multicast Support, Layer 2 Border
  • Lab 20 – Template Editor in Cisco SD-Access
  • Lab 21 – Onboarding a WLC using PnP Process
  • Lab 22 – Creating a Wireless Profile in Cisco SDA
  • Lab 23 – Exploring DNAC API
  • Lab 24 – Assurance Dashboard Overview
Cisco SDA Training Cisco SD Access Training Cisco DNA Center

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