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Cisco SD-WAN Training Course / Cisco Viptela Training Course

Before we get into discussing the details of I-Medita’s Cisco SD-WAN Training Course, let us get a sneak peek into how SD-WAN is fast emerging on the horizon of networking and is sure to take the networking world by a storm. Gartner (a global research and advisory firm) has forecast SD-WAN to grow at a 59% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2021 to become a $1.3 billion market.

I-Medita, a leader in the Networking Training domain; has been following the growing demand of SD-WAN solutions closely. I-Medita is very proud to be a pioneer; and probably one of the first institutes in India; to design the SD-WAN Training Course. With the SD-WAN Training course, it is our endeavor to make you future ready, and distinguish you as an authority in SD-WAN domain.

What is SD WAN?

SD-WAN means “software-defined networking in a wide area network (WAN)”. SD-WAN solutions are more advanced alternatives for traditional WAN routers. According to Gartner, SD-WAN solutions provide dynamic, policy-based, application path selection across multiple WAN connections and supports service chaining for additional services such as WAN optimization and firewalls.


What problems do SDN help resolve?

Modern day businesses are spread across countries and continents. Companies deploy MPLS based WAN (Wide Area Networks) to connect remote branch offices with data centers for a seamless access to applications and services required for performing business functions. With collaboration tools such as VoIP calling, live streaming video conferencing and more, it is imperative to have great connectivity and high bandwidth. With mobile workforces and a variety of devices being used to connect from remote places, IT departments are continuously working on expanding bandwidth and improving connectivity. However, expanding WAN capabilities is very costly and time consuming. SD-WAN products help overcome these challenges.

SD WAN products can be physical or virtual appliances that reside in offices or on the Cloud. With SD-WAN, businesses will be able to save significant amounts in capital and operation expenses. They will also provide superior connectivity and performance to end users. Hence it is imperative to be prepared for the future by learning SD-WAN implementation.

Pre-requisites for Cisco SD WAN Training Course

To enroll for I-Medita Cisco SD-WAN Training Course, you should have in-depth knowledge of the following:

  • Enterprise Wide Area Network Design
  • Routing Protocol Functions and Operations
  • Transport Layer Security
  • TCP/IP Functions and Operations

Who should attend I-Medita’s Cisco SD WAN Training Course?

Networking Professional who have a minimum of 3 years of experience working in any of t the following roles can attend this course:

  • Enterprise network system installers
  • System integrators
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Solutions designers

Free Demo Session for Cisco SD WAN Training Course

I-Medita arranges a Free Demo Session before you join our SD-WAN Training Course. This gives you an idea how classroom sessions are held. Our Certified Expert Trainers also address your queries or concerns regarding the SD-WAN Training & Implementation. We also provide you a tour of our up-to-date Lab facilities which have “Ready to use Cisco SD-WAN Lab environment” for continuous practice and Lab sessions.

Batch Details

I-Medita conducts multiple batches per day for Cisco SD WAN Training Course (Viptela Training). All our trainers are Certified Networking Professionals and therefore well placed to guide you on all aspects of SD WAN. We have maximum 20 students in a batch to ensure that we can give individual attention to all our students.

SD WAN Training
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

20 Days

20 Days


4 Hours a Day

4 Hours a Day


USD 500

USD 500

What will you learn in Cisco SD-WAN Training Course?

Cisco SD WAN Training Course emphasizes on all technical aspects right from configuration to implementation of Cisco SD-WAN. In this course, you will learn about:

  • Cisco SD-WAN Technology fundamentals, Solution Overview, Managing Cisco SD-WAN Components and more.
  • Configure and operate VManage, VBond, VEdge, VManage.
  • You will learn how to create, manage, and operate a secure and robust extensible network using Cisco SD-WAN products.
  • Deploy vEdge routers in a secure extensible network.
  • You will learn how to configure, operate, monitor overlay routing in a secure extensible network.
  • You will also learn about policies and Quality of Service (QoS) in the SD-WAN overlay network.

At I-Medita we have a huge emphasis on Lab Sessions during the Cisco SD WAN Training Course. We have first-class Training rooms and Labs facilities with digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors.

Outcomes of Cisco SD-WAN Training Course

Upon Completion of SD WAN Training Course, will help you learn and become competent to:

  • Identify various components and architecture of the Cisco SD-WAN solution
  • Deploy VManage, VBond, VEdge, VManage in a secure extensible network
  • Create templates to aid deployment & operation of the secure extensible network
  • Configure and verify overlay routing in the secure extensible network
  • Create policies to control traffic flow in the secure extensible network

Cisco SD WAN Training Course Curriculum

I-Medita has developed Cisco SD WAN Training Course curriculum keeping in mind that it is a new emerging technology solution and will need thorough understanding for successful configuration and implementations. Our course contents cover:

Section 1: SD-WAN Solution Overview

  • Traditional WAN – Challenges
  • SD-WAN Overview and definitions
  • SD-WAN Benefits
  • SD-WAN Key Concepts
  • SD-WAN Main Components
  • Understanding vEdge
  • Understanding vSmart
  • Understanding vManage
  • Understanding vBond
  • On-Premise vs. Cloud-based Control Plane

Section 2: SD-WAN Licensing Model

  • Pricing Model
  • License Options by Features
  • License Options by Bandwidth capacity

Section 3: Secure Control Plane Bring-Up

  • Zero Trust Security Principles
  • Secure Control Channels
  • Establishing vEdge Router Identity
  • Establishing Control Elements Identities (vBond, vSmart, vEdge)
  • Secure Control Channel between vEdge Router and vBond
  • Secure Control Channel between vEdge Router and vSmart/vManage

Section 4: Secure Data Plane Bring-Up

  • Limitations of traditional key exchange mechanisms (IKE)
  • SD-WAN new centralized Encryption key distribution
  • Traffic Encryption for data privacy
  • Authentication Header for Data Plane Integrity
  • Anti-Replay Protection (man-in-the-middle)
  • Role of Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
  • Considerations about MTU and MSS
  • End to End Segmentation (VPN’s)
  • Role of Application Visibility and Recognition
  • Infrastructure DDoS Mitigation (Theory Only)
  • Security Policies and Services (Theory Only)
  • Cloud Security: Secure Direct Internet Access (Theory Only)

Section 5: Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)

  • Definition of overlay routing
  • Role and characteristics of Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)
  • OMP Advertised Routes
  • Route Redistribution (edge routing protocol to OMP and vice versa)
  • Best Path Algorithm

Section 6: Using Templates

  • Basic Elements in the configuration for any device
  • Need for Templates
  • Options to Apply Templates to Devices
  • Overview of Feature Templates
  • Categories of Feature Templates
  • Workflow for Applying Templates to Devices

Section 7: Using Policies

  • Policy Architecture
  • Application Aware Routing Policies
  • Control Policies
  • Data Policies
  • VPN Membership Policies
  • Routing Policies
  • Cflowd Templates

Section 8: Quality of Service (QoS)

  • QoS Pipeline – vEdge Router
  • Data Packet Flow
  • Queueing Management
  • Control Traffic Prioritization
  • Random Early Detection (RED)
  • Traffic Policing
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Marking and Remarking
  • Class-Map
  • QoS Scheduler
  • QoS Map
  • Applying QoS policies

Section 9: Basic Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Control Plane Bring Up
  • GUI validation in vManage
  • CLI validation with “Show” commands in vEdge Router
  • Troubleshooting Data Plane
  • Troubleshooting OMP

Section 10: Additional Topics

  • Solution Redundancy
  • Control Policies
  • Route Filtering
  • TLOC
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • BFD
  • Contrasting Cisco IWAN with Viptela SD-WAN approach
  • Comparing Cisco’s SD-WAN with other vendors solutions

Section 11: Cloud on Ramp (Theory Only)

Section 12: Use Cases & Design

  • Guest Wi-Fi (Theory Only)
  • Bandwidth Augmentation
  • Cloud onRamp for SAAS (Theory Only)
  • Critical Applications SLA
  • Regional Secure Perimeter (Theory Only)

Section 13: Multi-Tenancy

  • Multi-Tenant Mode (Theory Only)
  • Creating Tenants (Theory Only)
  • Adding Controller (Theory Only)
  • Adding Vedges (Theory Only)
  • RBAC (Theory Only)

Section 14: vAnalytics and Rest API (Theory Only)

  • vAnalytics
  • Dashboard
  • Data Analytics
  • vManage Rest API

Training Labs

Our Lab sessions focus on practical aspects for Implementing & Troubleshooting SD-WAN operation of:

  • Lab 1: Accessing the Lab Devices
  • Lab 2: Reset vEdge Cloud Router
  • Lab 3: Remove vEdge Router from vManage Inventory
  • Lab 4: Add vEdge Router to vManage Inventory
  • Lab 5: Configure and Deploy Control-Plane Connectivity
  • Lab 6: Configure and Deploy an Overlay Network
  • Lab 7: Provision and Deploy vManage Templates
  • Lab 8: Provision and Deploy vManage Policies
  • Lab 9: Deploy Multi-Tenant vManage

Click here to download the pdf version of the Cisco SD-WAN Training Course Curriculum

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