Question 1       What is switching?

Question 2       What is a Switch?

Question 3       Difference between hub, bridge and switch?

Question 4       What is the difference between a HUB, Switch & Router?

Question 5       What is mac address and why it is required?

Question 6       What are the functions of a Switch?

Question 7       In layer 2 domain do we need ip address for communication?

Question 8       What is Sub Interface?

Question 9       What is ARP and why it is required?

Question 10     What is Spanning Tree Protocol aka STP?

Question 11     What is a Broadcast Domain and a Collision Domain?

Question 12     What is the difference between STP, MSTP, PVST and RSTP?

Question 13     Can we use the two same paths for same VLAN?

Question 14     What is the difference between broadcast and collision domain?

Question 15     Define type of LAN traffic.

Question 16     Compare HUB and Switch with respect to broadcast and collision domain?

Question 17     What is destination address of broadcast frame?

Question 18     Can we connect a switch to switch with straight cable?

Question 19     Define functions of switch.

Question 20     What is ARP timeout?

Question 21     What is aging process?

Question 22     What is BPDU?

Question 23     What is a MAC address Table and how a Switch will build a MAC table?

Question 24     How Switch Learns Mac Address?

Question 25     What is path cost?

Question 26     Define selection criteria of STP Root Bridge.

Question 27     How to non-bridge decide which port will elect as root port?

Question 28     If a non-root bridge has two redundant ports with the same root path cost, how does the bridge choose which port will be the root port?

Question 29     Port states of spanning tree protocol.

Question 30     If the users face delay during initial login, what you will suggest to implement?

Question 31     Why spanning tree BPDU filter is used?

Question 32     How does Switch performs Forwarding function?

Question 33     Can I use BPDU filter on trunk ports?

Question 34     What is port security?

Question 35     I want to learn only a single mac from the port, what need to be configured?

Question 36     Can we use spanning portfast on trunk ports?

Question 37     If management ip address is changed, will user’s traffic will be dropped?

Question 38     Difference between trunk and access port?

Question 39     What is UDLD and why it is required?

Question 40     What is VLAN?

Question 41     What is Static VLAN?

Question 42     What is Dynamic VLAN?

Question 43     What is interface VLAN on switch?

Question 44     What are the VLAN membership types?

Question 45     What are the types of VLAN connection links?

Question 46     What is VLAN Frame Tagging?

Question 47     How to perform inter vlan routing without layer 3 device?

Question 48     What are the different VLAN Frame tagging techniques?

Question 49     How to stop superior BPDU participating in switching domain?

Question 50     What are the different VLAN Frame tagging techniques?

Question 51     What is Native VLAN?

Question 52     How VLAN In Local Switching Domain is selected?

Question 53     What are the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Modes?

Question 54     How to provide redundancy to MPLSVPN customer?

Question 55     What is VTP?

Question 56     What is VTP Domain?

Question 57     What is VTP Pruning?

Question 58     What is VTP Server Mode?

Question 59     What is VTP Transparent Mode?

Question 60     What is VTP Client Mode?

Question 61     Explain unknown unicast Flooding?